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Looking for someone to support you throughout your pregnancy? Someone to help you and advise you in options and decisions, someone that you can trust? You’ve come to the perfect place!

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Let us help you achieve your dream pregnancy!

The journey of birth can be overwhelming, but Doula Houston is here to help you! We are here to support and guide any expecting mother, so they can have the best birthing experience possible.

Contact us today to talk about your dream pregnancy! We want to hear your biggest wishes and help you fulfill them, in the safest way possible for you and your baby! Call today and we can answer all and any questions!

Why choose Doula Houston Tx?

We guarantee our expecting mothers, a journey filled with support, professionalism, and the best care given. We know all mothers worry most about their babies and how the pregnancy will go, and our job is to think not only about the baby but think about you! Your best interest is most important, and however you want to have your baby born is what we will strive for.

Doula Houston will provide:

  • The best educated doulas in their field
  • Doulas who will follow what you want and what's best for you and your baby
  • Doulas who can help you learn relaxing techniques and different positions to help you during pregnancy
  • Doulas who will help you look at all your options
  • Doulas who will be in contact with you whenever you need, to answer all your questions
  • Doulas who will respect all your choices you make for you and your baby
  • Doula Houston also provides the option of end of life doula, a death doula who can help those at the end of life's journey, to make final decisions and help the family and individual feel comforted and supported through a rough time.
  • Doula Houston cost is a cost you can afford and be happy you invested in!

We are happy to say, we have been in the community for years and helping many many mothers have their dream pregnancies. Why do you need to do this alone, when you have doula houston to guide and support you and give you any advice you need in your decisions.

Call us today to find the perfect support system for your big day. We want to be with you every step of the way! The sooner you call, the sooner we can get to helping you plan what you need before your big day comes!

What to expect from Houston Doula

You can expect a nurturing, experienced and supportive environment for you and your partner. Our mothers feel important and valued because of the care and attention our doulas offer. We maintain a professional environment that not only feels soothing but ready for anything!

Our mothers love what we have to offer them in terms of caring, supportive and a knowledgeable assistant right by their side. We understand that this journey of birth is a hard one, and we don't expect you and your spouse to do it alone!

Call us today so we can get to know you personally and your needs! We will work around your own personal schedule to meet up and chat with one of our doulas, and see if its a perfect fit! If not, we have other doulas that we can have you meet until you are comfortable and satisfied with your new aide in childbirth.

Doula Services

Our company offers many options to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. There are many packages to give you even more options that you may not have even thought of! Our company will ensure that you get the best care and best choices.

houston prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Your doula will meet up with you before, in multiple session, to go over your birth plan

  • You will have access to your doula 24/7 for any questions you may have, or any problems that may or may not arise

  • Your doula is there to talk through all the physical aspects of your pregnancy, as well as the emotional and mental hurdles that you will go through

  • You and your doula will go through different techniques available to you to help relax and comfort you! Which will include breathing and positions
houston birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Your doula will be at your beck and call when your day of labor comes!

  • Your doula is there to help you and whoever else is involved, stick to your prepared plan as close as possible

  • As you go through labor, your doula will be there to give back massages to help with the pain, and other actions such as positioning and a comforting touch

  • Your spouse or mother or whoever you choose to be in the room with you will be able to stand next to you the whole time while the doula runs around getting and communicating what you need

  • There to take any pictures you are hoping to capture
houston postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula

  • Doulas are there to help with breastfeeding or learning how to pump, if that's what you choose to do

  • Also there to help with postnatal doula care the baby may need

  • Able to provide emotional encouragement for a newborn mother

  • Also able to offer light cleaning service for an overwhelmed mom, or light meal prep
  • Available day or night for any additional questions
  • Postpartum Doula Houston also can help with mothers who experienced any complications and need help transporting the baby to them

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“How much does a doula cost?”

Doula prices can vary depending on what package you want. The never ending question you probably have after reading all of this is how much is a doula and can i afford it. We can say the prices usually start around 800-1200$, but call us today to get a better estimate that works for you and what you're looking for!

“Can you explain the difference between a doula vs. midwife?”

A doula does not have any medical responsibilities, which would include medications or other patients. That allows for the doula to focus on you and only you as their number one priority! They will be there the entire length of the labor, by your side.

“Why do I need a doula?”

When going through such a stunning thing such as labor, it's important to have the right people there supporting you. Your doula will plan with you before how you want your pregnancy to go, and will also advise different ways you can relax during the labor. She is there to give your partner a break, to give massages and run for ice chips, and to help afterwards when you are tired and overwhelmed!

“How can I find a doula near me?”

It is our job and pleasure to find the perfect doula fit for you! Our doula agency will focus on what you want and need and find the doula who best fits those needs! Let us take care of you, we have doulas that can help with prenatal, birth or postpartum! Stop asking yourself if there's a postpartum doula near me, and call us today!

"My doula was the best thing I could have had during my whole pregnancy. Not only was my doula houston cost perfect for me, my doula was worth so much more to me than we paid in total. I can’t imagine not having her there massaging my back and getting me ice chips so my husband could stay by the head of my bed. She was a dream come true!!"

Mariah A.

"For those who are wanting a wise, professional and genuine doula to help them through their pregnancy, this company has the perfect one for you. I am so glad I decided to get a doula, not only was she there for me for the labor, but she was there for me beforehand. I asked all the questions to ask a doula you can think of, and she had all the answers and advice for me. I'm so thankful for the doula services near me!"

Jordan c.

"Having made the decision to get a doula early on in my pregnancy was one of the best things I could have decided for me and my baby. It was great to have someone there with me every step, to give me the many options and go through all of them with me, answering all my questions as we went. Nothing could have made me more informed or prepared me better for my big day! I am so thankful to find a doula to be there by my side for all of it"

Lana m.

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We want to be there from the beginning, helping you the whole way! Contact us today so we can start planning your perfect pregnancy and we can get to know eachother even more! We want you to be as prepared as possible, and we know we can help you get to that point.

With our services we offer, not only will you feel prepared, but you'll be so excited for the big day to show up! Doula Houston is the perfect match for expecting parents, let us help you get ready for such a momentous day.

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